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ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management SystemQuality AssuranceQuality Assurance

Quality assurance is defined as part of quality management focused on providing confidence that the quality requirements of a part will be fulfilled. Our quality objectives are simple but the results ensure precision parts to satisfy customer expectations and keep our reputation as precision machinists.

Our methods ensure compliance with drawing tolerances, surface finishes and inspection of any post-machining treatments.

Tried and Tested

Birchfield Engineering Ltd have a tried and tested quality assurance program and an on-going commitment to ensure quality at every stage in product manufacture. Regular internal and external reviews of our procedures enable us to develop and improve the quality system we follow during the production of a component.

Quality and Service

We recognise the importance of our customers in the continued and profitable growth of our business and we are committed to the following:

Providing our customers with the highest levels of quality and service which meet their requirements and are fit for purpose.
Satisfying all applicable requirements.
Continual improvement of our quality management system.
Promoting the culture of continual improvement and the philosophy of getting things “right first time”.
Ensuring that our Quality Policy is communicated and understood throughout the business.
Enhancing the skills of all employees through review and the provision of effective training to enable them to perform to the highest level.
Reviewing this policy and its supporting objectives on a regular basis to ensure their continuing suitability.

Ensuring QualityQuality through tools and equipment

To ensure highly accurate machined parts our Mitutoyo Euro M544 Coordinate Measuring Machine and Baty R14 Quadra-chek 2000 Optical Imaging Equipment can provide measuring and inspection assurance.

01Ensuring Compliance

Our methods ensure compliance with drawing tolerances, surface finishes and inspection of any post-machining treatments.

02Precision Parts

Maintaining our machines as well as all our measuring equipment is essential in hitting our quality objectives and producing precision engineered parts.

03Maintaining Quality

With our quality assurance program, training and experience as well as full traceability of our raw materials our commitment to maintaining a quality service is assured.

04Quality Assurance

As always we can provide extra assurance by supplying various types of inspection reports such as ISIR, PPAP and PSW with any parts we manufacture.
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